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Social Security Disability

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Do you know where to start with Social Security Disability?


I don’t know the difference between SSD and SSI.

SSD is a benefit for which you qualify if you have worked long enough in the recent past and paid taxes on your income. It is the same benefit you would receive upon retiring at your normal retirement age.

SSI is only available to adults and children who are blind, disabled or age 65 or older, if they meet certain income requirements. This program is meant to help those who do not have any substantial income or assets.   There are no minimum work requirements.

The medical requirements to prove disability are exactly the same for both programs.

Who decides if I’m disabled?
The Social Security Administration which is a Federal agency governed by Federal Law. Read more here.
How much will I receive and for how long?

Every person’s SSD benefit is different.  It is based upon what you have paid in Social Security taxes and for what period of time.

You can receive benefits so long as you remain disabled and meet the other non-disability requirements, such as income limitations for SSI.

What will an attorney do to help me?

Attorneys, who concentrate their practice in disability law, are in the best position to advise you whether you are likely to qualify for benefits, and how to prepare your case in the most effective manner possible.

The Social Security process can be long and complicated.  Our job is to lessen the stress of the process by insuring that you are providing the necessary information in a timely and efficient manner. Read more here.

How long do I have to wait?
There is a five-month waiting period for SSD benefits. Therefore, you will not receive any SSD benefits until the sixth month of your disability. There is no waiting period for SSI; these benefits are payable immediately.
Can I return to work?
Social Security encourages people to try and return to work. In furtherance of this goal, SSD and SSI beneficiaries are entitled to a “Trial Work Period”. The trial work period can last up to 9 months. During those 9 months you will be able to receive your full social security benefit regardless of the amount of your earnings.

The Process

  • Initially you will speak with one of our highly trained staff about the nature of your problem.  Once the background information is obtained an attorney will contact you to discuss the matter further.
  • In many cases, clients will come in for an initial appointment after the phone conference.
  • There is no charge for the initial consultation in a Workers’ Compensation or Social Security case.
  • In most cases, representation will commence after the initial appointment.  As we work on a contingent fee basis in Workers’ Compensation and Social Security cases, clients are not expected to pay any attorney’s fees out of pocket. We typically are paid at the conclusion or settlement of the case.


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