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MA 2018 Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA)

The Massachusetts Cost-of-Living (COLA) for 2018 increases by 2% effective January 2018. 

Maximum federal SSI monthly payment amounts:

Eligible individual – $750

Eligible couple – $1125

Essential person – $376


Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) The amount of monthly earnings considered as SGA depends on the nature of a person’s disability.

SGA presumed at or above this threshold of gross monthly wages or net self-employment income:

Eligibility based on Disability – $1180

Eligibility based on Statutory Blindness – $1970


Trial Work Period threshold (gross earnings per month):



Student Earned Income Exclusion:

Up to $1820 per month

But not more than $7350 per calendar year 2018


Maximum fee for representative payee services :

(Only certain orgs. approved by SSA are allowed to collect these fees)

$42 per month

$80 per month for those with DAA conditions


Taxable (FICA) earnings needed to earn a quarter of coverage:



Schedule of Benefit Payments 2018:


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