Frequently Asked Questions

Can the worker’s compensation insurance company force me to treat with its doctors?
If I am Terminated, am I Entitled to Sick Pay and Vacation Pay?
Can I Be Terminated from My Job While on Worker’s Compensation?
Can I sue my employer if I am injured on the job?
What is a Third Party?
Am I disabled if I cannot return to my former job but can do other work?
What is the PWOP?
Should I sign an Extension of the Pay Without Prejudice – Form 105?
What evidence is needed for a worker’s compensation claim?
Why is choosing the right attorney so important?
What Is Utilization Review?
What do you do if you find yourself unable to work?
When does mental illness mean disability?
Do companies outside of Massachusetts need to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance?
What’s the difference between Accidental Disability Retirement (ADR) and Worker’s Compensation Benefits?
Who is entitled to Accidental Disability Retirement (ADR)?

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