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Work Injury Early Intervention

Work injury early intervention is the key to a successful workers’ compensation claim. In a recent decision from the Massachusetts Appeals Court, Lamport’s Case, it was held that an Employee who settled her workers’ compensation case could only make a claim for future medical treatment for body parts specifically listed in the settlement paperwork. Ms. Lamport …

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The primary purpose of the Workers’ Compensation system is to provide workers’ with an income while they are recovering from an injury.  The amount of the payments a worker receives will be based upon his/her Average Weekly Wage (AWW).  The most important number in Workers’ Compensation is the employee’s average weekly wage. How to Calculate …

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Sick Pay and Vacation Pay

If I am Terminated, am I Entitled to Sick Pay and Vacation Pay? Controversy regarding sick pay and vacation pay in Massachusetts causes concern for employees and employers. In Massachusetts, The Wage Act, G.L. C. 149, requires employers to pay employees’ wages on a weekly or biweekly basis.  If an employee leaves the employment by …

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I Was Injured on the Job, Can I Sue My Employer?

work injury

I was injured on the job, can I sue my employer? The short answer is no. In Massachusetts, Worker’s Compensation is an “exclusive remedy”.  This means that if you are injured at work, and your employer carries worker’s compensation insurance, you may only recover benefits under the Worker’s Compensation System.   Purpose of the Worker’s …

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