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Medical Evidence Needed For Disability Benefits Claim

Medical Evidence Needed For Disability Benefits Claim

There are many sources of evidence you will submit to support your claim for disability but by far the most important is the medical evidence.


Get Copies Of All Medical Records

You must take care to get copies of your records from all the doctors and other medical professionals that have been involved in the diagnosis and treatment of your condition(s)

This means not only the doctors you have seen or continue to see regularly but doctors and medical professionals who you may have seen only once or twice.  This includes your primary care physician, mental health professionals, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, accupuncturist or others. Literally any professional you have seen in an effort to diagnose and/or treat your illnesses.

The medical records are the foundation of your claim and You will not succeed without a complete and exhaustive set of records.

The records need to go back far enough  in time to show the actual diagnosis of your condition(s) and the progression of treatment. The records must include diagnostic test results such as x-rays, MRIs, blood tests, stress tests, etc.

If you have hired an attorney to assist you with your claim you are probably at the point in the process where you are awaiting a hearing.  Unfortunately due to the enormous number of applicants it takes up to a year to receive a hearing date.  This is a very important time – do not waste it.

While you are waiting for a hearing it is imperative that you continue to treat your conditions and continue to gather evidence.  Your attorney will assist you with obtaining and submitting your records.

Your Records Are The Foundation of Your Claim.

In Summary – Make the effort to obtain all your medical records.  If you have an attorney keep them up to date on your conditions and your treatment.  You must let them know when you have changed doctors, add a doctor, get a new diagnosis. etc.  Again, your records are the foundation of your claim, without them you will not win your case.

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