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Hiring the Right Attorney is the Difference Between Winning and Losing

Attorney Sarah Clymer of the Law Offices of Juliane Soprano recently received a favorable decision in a Social Security Disability claim that dragged on for nearly five years.  After a denial of benefits at a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge, an appeal to the Social Security Administration Appeals Council and a further appeal to the Federal District Court of Massachusetts, the Claimant was finally granted a second Administrative Law Judge Hearing in 2017, which resulted in a fully favorable decision, finding him disabled back to 2011.

The Claimant, a young man in his 20’s, who suffered from mental illness, was initially denied benefits by an Administrative Law Judge who found he was capable of working as he did not have any physical limitations.  The Judge went on to find that the Claimant’s ability to travel to an out of state social function, go skiing and occasionally work with a family member were sufficient to show he was not severely impaired by his mental illness.

Attorney Clymer successfully argued on appeal that the Administrative Law Judge failed to consider how the Claimant’s enrollment in a day program at a mental health facility would impair his ability to work. She further argued that the Judge did not weigh the impact of support the Claimant was provided by his family, which enabled him to work periodically and attend various social functions and outings.

There were two reasons Attorney Clymer ultimately prevailed in this case. First, she is an experienced disability law attorney, who understands the complex rules that govern the Social Security system.   This knowledge ensures that she will present the evidence necessary to prove the case. Here, the Claimant’s mother was an important witness.   She provided crucial testimony as to the various social and emotional supports the Claimant’s family provided him which allowed him to engage in limited activities.  It is imperative to submit evidence into the record at the hearing level as this is “the record” that will be reviewed by the appeals courts.

Second, at the Law Offices of Juliane Soprano, when a case has merit, we don’t take no for an answer. Whether it be the Federal Government or an insurance company, we are willing to persevere until we achieve the results a client deserves.

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