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What Is PWOP and Should I Sign Form 105?

Pay Without Prejudice Period (PWOP): IF YOU RECEIVE A LETTER CONTACT A LAWYER BEFORE SIGNING IT! When you report an injury to your employer one of two things can happen: (1) the workers’ compensation insurance company (WC) will either deny benefits or (2) they will pay them. When the WC immediately agrees to pay benefits, its …

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Accidental Disability Retirement ADR

Accidental Disability Retirement ADR vs. Worker’s Compensation Benefits When employees of the State of Massachusetts, a town, city, or county suffer a workplace accident, they are potentially entitled to both state Worker’s Compensation benefits as well as Accidental Disability Retirement benefits (ADR). Although these benefits have elements in common there are significant differences. First, Worker’s …

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Sick Pay and Vacation Pay

If I am Terminated, am I Entitled to Sick Pay and Vacation Pay? Controversy regarding sick pay and vacation pay in Massachusetts causes concern for employees and employers. In Massachusetts, The Wage Act, G.L. C. 149, requires employers to pay employees’ wages on a weekly or biweekly basis.  If an employee leaves the employment by …

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I Was Injured on the Job, Can I Sue My Employer?

work injury

I was injured on the job, can I sue my employer? The short answer is no. In Massachusetts, Worker’s Compensation is an “exclusive remedy”.  This means that if you are injured at work, and your employer carries worker’s compensation insurance, you may only recover benefits under the Worker’s Compensation System.   Purpose of the Worker’s …

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partial disability workplace injury

Understanding Partial Disability   By far, the most common question injured workers have is what kind of benefits are available under the Workers’ Compensation system if an injury prevents a return to their former job.  In many people’s minds, if they cannot return to their usual type of work, they are disabled. To understand the concept …

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Medical Evidence Needed For Disability Benefits Claim

Medical Evidence Needed For Disability Benefits Claim There are many sources of evidence you will submit to support your claim for disability but by far the most important is the medical evidence.   Get Copies Of All Medical Records You must take care to get copies of your records from all the doctors and other …

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What To Do If You Find Yourself Unable To Work?

Most people never think about being unable to work or the devastation caused by losing an income. When an unexpected injury or illness happens, your life as you know it changes instantly and possibly forever. You may have to seek benefits you never thought you would need, want or knew existed. Know Your Options. Overcoming …

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What Is Utilization Review?

Listen to expert Workers’ Compensation Attorney Juliane Soprano explain what a Utilization Review is, how it relates to the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation benefits process and how it may affect your claim.  

For the millions of Americans that suffer from some form of mental illness finding help is not always easy.

When Does Mental Illness Mean Disability? Many clients over the years have contacted our office looking for help as a result of mental health issues.  If the condition is severe, the person may qualify for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits.  If the condition occurred as a result of a physical or mental …

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