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All Advocates are not Equal

Although the Social Security Administrations allows claimants to be represented by non-lawyers, you must ask yourself who would be a better qualified representative, someone who has been formally trained and schooled in the law and the legal process or someone who has not.

It is easy for clients to be confused into thinking that all “advocates” are lawyers, but this is not the case.  Before hiring any representative you should review the individual’s qualifications and experience.  Some questions you might ask are:

1.       Is the person a lawyer;

2.       How many years has the person been practicing law;

3.       Does the person focus his/her practice in the area of disability law;

4.       Is the prospective representative’s office locally based or is it part of a national “chain”;

5.       Will you be able to meet personally with the lawyer to prepare your case;

Our office prides itself on focusing our practice in the area of disability law and providing the highest quality legal representation to our clients in a local setting here on Cape Cod.  With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, we are certain that all advocates are not equal.  You deserve the best.  Please contact us today for a free consultation.


For additional information, view the article “Non-attorney Social Security Disability Representatives and the Unauthorized Practice of Law” written by Drew A. Swank
Volume 36
Winter 2012

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