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What Is PWOP and Should I Sign Form 105?

Pay Without Prejudice Period (PWOP): IF YOU RECEIVE A LETTER CONTACT A LAWYER BEFORE SIGNING IT! When you report an injury to your employer one of two things can happen: (1) the workers’ compensation insurance company (WC) will either deny benefits or (2) they will pay them. When the WC immediately agrees to pay benefits, its …

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The primary purpose of the Workers’ Compensation system is to provide workers’ with an income while they are recovering from an injury.  The amount of the payments a worker receives will be based upon his/her Average Weekly Wage (AWW).  The most important number in Workers’ Compensation is the employee’s average weekly wage. How to Calculate …


We’re Hiring A Legal Assistant/Paralegal

An audio message from Attorney Juliane Soprano   Our Falmouth law office seeks a legal assistant/paralegal. Ideal candidate will have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, be able to prioritize tasks, organize information, be proficient in Word, and, have the ability to work independently, coordinate schedules and meet deadlines. Willing to train.  Advancement into paralegal position …

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Accidental Disability Retirement: Victory For Retirees

In a recent Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court case, Worcester Regional Retirement Bd. & others vs. Public Employee Retirement Admin Comm’n, the Court held an employee’s receipt of vacation or sick time (supplemental pay) in conjunction with his/her receipt of workers’ compensation benefits is not “regular compensation” and therefore, cannot be used to deny an employee …

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WHO CAN APPLY FOR ACCIDENTAL DISABILITY RETIREMENT (ADR) Any person who pays into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or a municipal retirement system is potentially eligible for Accidental Disability Retirement (ADR) benefits if he/she becomes permanently disabled from returning to his/her prior job as a result of a work related injury. Accidental Disability Retirement (ADR) benefits …


Wright’s Case – Injured Worker Denied Reimbursement for Medical Marijuana

A workers’ compensation insurer was not required to pay for medical marijuana pursuant to M.G.L. c. 152 §13 and 30, which otherwise require payment for adequate and reasonable medical expenses. The case arose from a claim by an injured worker, Daniel Wright, for reimbursement in the amount of $24,267.86, for the cost of medical marijuana …

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COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Protection

COVID-19 Workers' Compensation Protection for First Responders

Workers’ Compensation Protection for First Responders, Medical Personnel and Other Workers On March 17, 2020, state legislators proposed an emergency bill to cover first responders, medical personnel and other workers for COVID-19, the Coronavirus infection.   This law applies to emergency medical technicians, emergency room and urgent care medical personnel, and emergency room and urgent care …

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