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Disability law has been my focus since 1992.
Put my experience to work for you.

"I had given up fighting the government, but Attorney Soprano still took my case and won. Thank you!"

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I'm familiar with government bureaucracy.
You have rights. I will protect them.

"You are brilliant! I have suggested to two of my friends that they talk to you regarding their legal matters. I am grateful!"

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Does this sound familiar?

  • My claim has been denied by my employer, an insurance company, or the government.
  • I don’t know what my rights are.
  • I have been harassed by a case manager or claims adjuster.
  • I’m confused by all of the paperwork I need to fill out.
  • I feel like giving up.

Do any of these statements describe your situation?

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We help our clients resolve their Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability benefit claims


At the Law Offices Of Juliane Soprano in Falmouth, Dennis and Plymouth MA, our attorneys are focused on Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability. We’re here for you to fight for your legal rights with our Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability representation. We can also help you with your Public Retirement and Unemployment Benefits.

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